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love NOTES

I absolutely love what I do, not only because of the artistry of creating an event, but the people I meet and work with along the way.

"I LOVED Jenny from the moment I met her on the street handing out
flyers at the Red Bank Wedding Walk. I already had an appointment at
her venue and I Immediately emailed to make sure I would be meeting
with her. That day we visited multiple Venues, but when we finally met
with Jenny the experience stood out amongst the rest! She went
above and beyond to make us feel special and she did everything she
could to work with our budget. There was no question at the end of
the meeting that we would be booking that venue and it was because
of Jenny. From there on out it was like planning a wedding with my
best friend. She was my savior at so many moments. The day of our
wedding she was there for everything we could possibly need. I
couldn’t have gotten through the whole process without her! So glad
she was a part of our special day."

-Tina Scalesi Boles  married on April 26th, 2019

"As it was challenging getting married during the pandemic, we
decided we wanted a small backyard wedding with our family and
loved ones. We asked Jenny to be our officiant. To our surprise, she
brought everything from benches for guests to sit on, to rose pedals
and beautiful played music by her fiancé on the vibraphone- every
detail was unexpected and made it even more special! Everything
went so smoothly. It was an absolutely beautiful day we will never
forget. Jenny is meticulous and a hard worker; you can truly see her
talent and passion. I’d recommend Jenny to anyone!"

-Jaqueline Hrubash married May 24th, 2020

Jenny McCann is a national treasure!!! A QUEEN ICON LEGEND!!!!!

Jenny's attention to detail is truly like none other. Working with her, I
knew that if I didn't think of something, she definitely would. Her

suggestions were never overbearing, but always well thought-
through. She had an instinct to know what I wanted before I even said
anything! She helped by providing check-lists, keeping me organized
with everything that I needed and for when I needed it. 

I also bugged her constantly - incessant emails, brain dumps,
brainstorming, voicemails, and she never acted bothered by me! I
guess she just knows how brides are, and truly goes out of her way to
make their day that special. If there was a way she could help she
would, and if she couldn't answer me for whatever reason she'd send
me to the right person every time.

It was really a joy to work with her during wedding planning. I'd hire
Jenny for anything! Birthday planning / Event planning!


- Stephanie Bowers married September 7th, 2019

"Jenny had planned my original large scale wedding, my backyard mini
wedding (and was my minister) and now she is my day of coordinator for
my 3 time rescheduled wedding this coming May. Please do yourselves a
favor and hire Jenny. She legit saved me countless times during this
pandemic. You need her."

-Chelsea Olah married on May 16th, 2020

"We’re having Jenny officiate our wedding and I can’t wait!! She’s been an
absolute pleasure to work with and has come up with extra special ideas that
I would have never thought of! So excited for what’s to come!"

-Jessica Bifulco (soon to be Mackay) getting married on May 21st, 2022

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